You’re never too old to be a parent.

Now I don’t mean this biologically. Obviously women have an age where they can no longer fall pregnant. I mean that once you have children, no matter how old you are, no matter how old they are, you are always their parent.

My granddad turned 90 years old this year. And he’s a parent to 3 children. Which made me think today that even at his age he still had the stresses of caring about his children. He still worried about them. He still wanted to help them. Even though they have spent a lot of their time helping him in the last few years.

To them he’s still dad. Someone who has been there for them from the day they were born to now. He’s never given up the responsibility that comes with being a parent. He’s never lost the desire to see his children happy and well. At 90 years old he still gave advice and assistance (with some interference too I might add).


Because that’s what parenting is.


It’s forever. There is no point in your child’s life where you sit back and get to say ‘my work here is done’. You will be a parent till the day you die.

And that is in equal parts inspiring and terrifying!

I’m a parent of young children (all under 10) so my parenting now is worrying about if they are fed, clean and healthy. I worry about their wellbeing, are they doing ok at school or are they getting on with their friends. I sometimes think that I’m only worrying because they are young. That when they get older I won’t need to worry anymore…

Which is just not true. My granddad, at 90, worried about his children whilst they in turn worry about us. Just as I talk to my children about the things bothering them so too did my granddad. He’s been there for all of his children, constantly. As I will be for mine.

When my children get older my worries will change to are they happy in their careers? Relationships? Are they financially secure? But I will still worry.

The questions they ask me will change. I might find myself giving advice on parenting or housing. But I will still be someone they talk to.

The way I relate to them will change. They’ll go from being my children to being more equal. They’ll move out and make homes of their own. But I will still be there for them.


So no, you will never be too old to be a parent. Because parenting is not just for Christmas, it’s for life!