I nearly didn’t write this post today because, quite frankly, I’m knackered and couldn’t really be bothered. But rather than not write it, I thought it would be more useful to change what I was going to write about (something boring along the lines of ‘top tips for labour’) into a short post on why it’s OK to chill the fuck out every once in a while. Without feeling guilty.

I’m a mum of three. I have two school age kids and one baby. I’m married too so try to find time to have a relationship somewhere in all the chaos. I also help out my family during the week. On top of this I’m setting up my own business, building my website and developing/writing new products, posts and a book. Oh and did I mention that just occasionally I find time to see friends or family too.

So life is busy. Really really busy. I run it with a triage system in place. If it’s not urgent, necessary or due in the next 48 hours it just doesn’t get done. I’ve become a dab hand at prioritising and being productive. I’m super organised and use any and all technology to help me keep on top of things. But inevitably, there are always more things to do.

On top of everything I do, there is also everything I don’t do. I don’t sleep much (thanks to a new baby). I don’t get to spend much time alone relaxing (new baby, kids, family, working, marriage, friends…). Needless to say I can’t remember the last time I got to go out and have fun without kids. It’s been months since I’ve indulged in a day of shopping or sitting on the sofa reading.


And it’s all really fucking exhausting.


I’m absolutely sure as well that I’m not the only mum in the world who runs her life like this. In fact I think nearly all mums spend most of their time focused on others, with a massive to do list and no time to themselves.

So when I say that every so often I need to just relax for a while and not do anything, I’m talking to every one of you reading this post.

Tonight I’m going to put my feet up. My husband is home so I’m officially ‘off duty’ if baby wakes up. I have a glass of wine, a good film and I may eat one of the chocolate Santa’s I got for the girls (which obviously I’ll replace before Christmas). I’ll go to bed early, sleep in the spare room so I don’t get woken up and wake up tomorrow feeling a lot less shitty than I do tonight.

We all need a break sometimes. So work out what you need to do to make it happen and then just do it. You’ll feel better for it and I guarantee your family will thank you for it too!