With my first baby I admit I wasn’t too anxious, yes I was a little scared about how much it was going to hurt but I knew I could have pain relief, I had my husband and family with me to support me and I was excited to meet my new baby more than anything. But with my second baby things changed, I became incredibly anxious… Why? Because my local maternity unit had been downgraded and although you could have midwife only led births at my local, if there were any complications they no longer had the expertise or equipment to deal with it if something god forbid went wrong. The hospital I was told I would have to go to was 15 miles away!!! 15 miles!!! I was so totally freaking out!!!

So, what did I do to ease my anxiety?

Spoke to my midwife

She told me that if I wasn’t too high a risk and could go to the local one if they thought I wouldn’t make it to the one 15 miles away, as long as there were no complications during pregnancy (Which actually ended up happening, I was told my contractions were too fast and I wouldn’t make it to the other one lol). (So I guess my original panic wasn’t necessary but when you have no idea how your pregnancy / birth will go it is a little scary).

Did a trial drive run to the hospital 15 miles away

The time wasn’t great, we made it in 40 mins, which is scary since some babies don’t wait that long and I was told not to phone an ambulance unless it was an emergency. This made me panic more and I became so scared and obsessed with what was going to happen I nearly made myself ill. After doing some research my hubby saw that another hospital going the other direction from us was further in miles but traffic was normally less. So we done another trial run and made it in 25 minutes. This although was scary as still 25 minutes but was so much better than the 40 minutes we original had.

Visited the hospital on a few occasions

The one I chose (The 25 min one) was like a maze. It had millions of floors and the maternity unit was at the top floor!!! I had one meeting with all the midwives who showed me around, told me how things worked there, who to call, and not to worry. They did put my mind at ease and I knew I liked that hospital. We did a few other visits without seeing the midwives as they are busy, it was just so we had a map in our minds of the route to the delivery suite.

Had a bag packed and ready in the car

Probably one most expectant mums do but as I thought we would have a long drive I kept my bag and bits in the car, so when the time came we could just jump in the car, drop my eldest one off to nanny’s and go!


Things to remember…

  • Don’t panic, just breathe and relax.
  • Trial run the trip to the hospital, so you know which roads to take, where to park ect. And explore your options, just because one is slightly closer doesn’t mean its quicker to get to, which is why the trial runs are so important. (Just NO SPEEDING!)
  • Visit the hospital to get a feel for the place and meet the midwives.
  • Talk to your own midwife about your anxieties. (Most midwives are brilliant and will put your mind at ease but if you do encounter a grumpy one don’t worry, you can always ask to speak to someone else)
  • Have your bag packed and ready.
  • Did I mention breathe and relax, oh I did!!! Well keep doing it!!! Your doing great 😉

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