I make no secret of the fact that I hated being pregnant (and you can read my post on why that’s OK here). It was hard, painful and exhausting each time I did it. I was unable to walk without being in serious pain, unable to sleep because I’d wake after an hour with stabbing pains in my joints and unable to perform some of the simplest tasks without help (ever tried to cut your toenails when 39 weeks pregnant…).

But even with all of that, there were times during my pregnancy that I couldn’t help but feel awestruck by what my body was doing so here are 5 ways that pregnancy rocks.


You’ve created a human being

It sounds so obvious but just sit with this one for a moment. From something that the eye can’t see to something weighing 7 or 8 pounds in just 9 months. From a single cell to one of the most complex biological machines ever. It’s just astounding really. When you hold your baby in your arms and think “I made that” just remind yourself how incredible that is.


Your body rearranges itself to house your unborn child

Your internal organs literally move around to accommodate your baby. They know where they have to go to and manage to create a space for your baby to grow and move. And more importantly – they move back after baby is born!


Your baby needs nothing more than you

Your body is equipped to give your growing baby everything it needs. Nourishment, protection and antibodies are all ways in which you help your baby be healthy. And you didn’t need anything extra to do it. You already had everything you needed within you.


You get to feel a new life growing inside you

Unless you’ve felt it it’s almost impossible to know just how incredible it is to feel your baby moving inside you. Every kick reminds you that there is a little person waiting to come out. That they are growing and learning how to move. That they respond to your voice or touch. One of the saddest parts of baby 3 being born was knowing that I’ll never feel that again. I used to sit for hours at night just stroking my stomach and feeling him wriggle (or kick me in the ribs). It’s just not possible to exaggerate how amazing it can be when your baby kicks and it’s pretty awesome to get to feel it when your pregnant.


You get a baby at the end of it

Again, sounds obvious but there really is nothing that compares to holding your baby in your arms for the first time. Feeling them when they are growing inside you is amazing but seeing them for the first time is out of this world. You’ve nurtured this little person. You’ve grown them, fed them, felt them kick and now, finally, you get to meet them. And not only that, you get to love them, cherish them and protect them. How awesome is that!