I’ve lost count of how many articles I read before baby was born about how to lose the baby weight. I was adamant that the minute he came out I’d be back on to the healthy eating (after developing a serious coke habit – cans obviously – and eating my body weight in chocolate most days). As soon as the SPD went I’d get back to doing yoga, maybe even take up jogging with my eldest. I’d be fit and healthy. And get my pre-baby body back instantly…

You probably already know where I’m going with this one. Needless to say once baby was born I did none of those things. I carried on drinking 2-3 cans of coke a day. I eat at least one if not two (or three) bars of chocolate a day. Most days see a distinct lack of vegetables and I don’t think I need to confirm that I have not, yet, started any exercise.


But here’s why…

I don’t care.

It suddenly occurred to me around 3 months post natal when I finally got the go ahead to exercise after a c-section that I didn’t want my first few months with my baby to be overshadowed by a desire to lose the baby weight. That I wanted to be able to indulge and rely on sugar, if I wanted to, to get me through the day when I was exhausted. Losing the baby weight seemed to be just another pressure that I could do without.

I made a decision at that point. I was going to eat and drink what ever I wanted without feeling guilty. Yes, I know I’m not healthy at the moment but I’ve been healthy before and I’m sure I will be again. So I’m not going to worry about it right now.

Breakfast is usually a slice of toast, aero bar and can of coke. I live off cheese sandwiches or ready meals for lunch. Dinner might be healthy but it also might not be.

Why – because I can’t really be bothered to waste time cooking or preparing healthy food. Soon baby will be on solids and I’ll change that but for now I’d much rather spend my time with him rolling around on the floor (him not me…) than slaving over a hot stove.

This marks a dramatically different way of thinking for me and it hasn’t been easy. But it is worth it. To be free of the need to calorie count, exercise when I’m totally fucking knackered or worry about when I will fit in to my pre-baby clothes is wonderful. Plus I’ve learnt a valuable lesson…


It doesn’t matter!

Despite feeling like it would be the end of the world if I didn’t get back into my pre-maternity clothes by 5 months post natal, I haven’t, and the world hasn’t ended. In fact, nothing happened at all. No one has said anything. My ‘in-between’ clothes are still fine. And I’m probably a lot happier than I would have been if I was seriously dieting and exercising right about now.

If you’re feeling pressured to lose the baby weight just stop for a moment and ask yourself this: what would happen if you didn’t? What would happen if you just took a break from it for now? If you just embraced your mum body as it is right now? Imperfectly perfect just the way it is. No change required.

Sounds amazing right???

So why don’t you? Give yourself some time off of trying to get back to the way you were and focus on what’s important right now. Enjoying being a mum and spending time with your little one. Everything else can wait.