It’s been nearly 4 months since I ate a meal without one of the following;


Children poking at their food in disgust

Moans of complaint

Baby crying

One or both children crying

Baby sitting on my lap

Having to stand up to keep doing other chores


Children arguing

Looking at washing/ironing/piles of toys/paper work/general mess…


As a mum you get used to putting other people first. Children and babies tend not to want to wait for their meals. They also tend not to want their parents to eat in relative peace (and they have an uncanny sense of timing).

It doesn’t seem like much to ask but apparently the universe has decided that whilst there is a young baby in the house I won’t get to eat in peace. Ever.

I know it doesn’t last. I know he’ll grow out of it and my children will someday leave home to leave me in a house where I can eat a biscuit without having to hide behind a cupboard door (and it never works – they always manage to smell it on me somehow…).

But in the meantime I dream of being able to just sit down without distraction and eat in peace…